Monday, February 16, 2009

Lal Kitab in Hindi

As we know, Lal Kitab is originally written in regional Punjabi-Urdu language in Nastaliq (Urdu) script. During the time of writing, Urdu script was among the most popular scripts. Though as we know that Hindi language has taken over the language and Devnagari has become standard script for Hindi in India. There are quite a few Hindi transliterations available in market and more details can be obtained from my other post - Which is the Best Lal Kitab. Here I would like to write about online Lal Kitab in Hindi.

Update: July 31, 2012 - Recently, has also published Hindi translation in Devnagari/ Unicode format online. Check it out - Lal Kitab in Hindi | लाल किताब हिन्‍दी में

A Hindi transliteration of 1952 edition of Lal Kitab (last and the most detailed edition of Lal Kitab) is available at Scribd at -
You can read it online or download it in PDF format.

1941 Edition of Lal Kitab is available in Hindi to download from -

Apart from this, two other editions of Lal Kitab books can be found in Lal Kitab Yahoogroup's file section ( Here are name of two files -
  1. lal-kitab-in-hindi.pdf
  2. Lalkitab-Hindi.pdf
Please note that you need to be a member of above forum for downloading these two books.

I would generally advise to buy the printed books rather than online books, as now a days good transliterations are available in Hindi. Most of the online books are having too many errors or not good in terms of quality. Lal Kitab 1941 book mentioned above is an exception which is as good as the print edition of 1941 edition.

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